SVCH Around Fab Five  "Tim"

Excellent CAC CACIB BOS  INT Show in Finland
CAC at the biggest Basset Special of the year
Excellent CAC CACIB  BOB in Norway
Excellent CAC  R-CACIB INT Norway
Excellent CAC BOS Norway

Blood tracking:
 Nr 1 Bloodtracking petit of the year 2010 

 Nr 8 Bloodtracking petit of the year 2009 

 Nr 4 Bloodtracking petit of the year 2008 

 Nr 4 Bloodtracking petit of the year 2007 

 Nr 3 Bloodtracking petit of the year 2006 

Swedish Bloodtracking Champion
31 x 1 prize open class and 5 prize of honour

Tim did it again

2008 representant to bloodtrack SM for the North area
And he was Best Dog of the day (all basset breeds)
and conquered the trophy this year.

SBaK North areas representant to bloodtrack SM  2007
Best dog in Stenshyttan




Around Fun Light  "Harry"

Junior Class winner
, 5:a Best Male
3 times Junior Class winner
Best Male, BOS puppy  Malmö
Best Male, BOS puppy Gothenburg




Around Feeling Stonecrazy  "Foppa"



Around Freestone Peach  "Troja"


Junior Class winner

BOB-puppy at INT Gothenburg



Around For Pleasure  "Lova"




Excellent Junior Class




Around French Bean  "Trixi"




Around Fresh Frippet  "Sara"

Lives in Norway